We maximize & monetize influence online.


  • What we do...

    Simply put, we help leaders maximize their presence & message online.

    Regardless of past success or how life-changing ones message may be, marketing has changed. Anyone creating things to share with the world (think: books, courses, speeches, etc) must now understand how to cultivate a connection with an audience online.

    We help influencers do just that—grow their connection to an audience online & monetize their message in creative ways.

    This has resulted in helping land several books on the NY Times list, launch six-figure-making eCourses & grow fan bases up to 15x.

  • Who we've done it for...

    We've had the opportunity to help several dozen influencers over the past couple of years. Some of our favorites have been Wm. Paul Young, John & Lisa Bevere, Danny Silk, Graham Cooke & others.

    See a full portfolio here & what fun things we have been able to accomplish with each here.

  • Recent featured projects...

    We recently had the priviledge of helping Lisa Bevere launch her NY Times Bestseller, Without Rival.

    "ADVOCATE was pivotal in strategizing my book launch for Without Rival. Tyler and his team have taken areas of my marketing from, ‘Help, I’m drowning’ to, ‘Hey, I actually now know what I’m doing!’ Humble. Innovative. Knowledgeable. Fun to work with. This is ADVOCATE, and you want to have them as part of your team!" - LISA BEVERE

    While helping Graham Cooke release his latest book, The Nature of Freedom, we took a unique approach with our trailer & the funnel it created.

    Most book trailers have little conversion value. SO, we attempted to create one that transcended the book itself, appealing to cultural (and in this case, theological) pain points addressed—solely for re-marketing data.

    This trailer played a key role in making the book this authors best-selling project out of 20+ books.

    See all of our projects here

  • How to get started...

    We'd love to see if a partnership is the right fit or answer any questions you may have.

    Visit our contact page here.