Monetizing Influence Online.


  • We partner with authors to...

    ...create digital product channels.

    This has resulted in several seven-figure:
    + Online eLearning Schools
    + Subscription-based Learning Communities
    + Books on the NY Times list
    * See here for a few examples.

  • We roadmap influencers digital businesses...

    Regardless of past success or how life-changing ones message may be, the influence eco-system has changed. Anyone creating things to share with the world (think: books, courses, speeches, events) must now ALSO know how to cultivate a connection with an audience online, develop their products for a digital consumer, and actually sell said products to said consumers. (imagine that?!)

    We help influencers, primarially authors who's message we believe in, create 12 month roadmaps to do just that.

    This typically includes some variation of the following items:
    + 6-12 month executable roadmap to create your digital business.
    +All training needed to execute the roadmap.
    +All tools needed to execute the roadmap.
    +A comprehensive (tools, training, templates) product launch plan. (IE: eCourse)

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  • We've partnered with...

    We've had the opportunity to help several dozen influencers over the past couple of years. To name a few...

    ADVOCATE CLIENTS See a full portfolio & what fun things we have been able to accomplish with each here.

  • We're especially fond of these recent projects...

    + We recently architected & launched JP SEAR's subscription-based learning community, Awaken with JP: PremiumAF.


    +We recently helped strategize, build & launch Graham Cooke's Brilliant TV $20/month subscription-based community, which has garnered more than 2500 members in the past 4 months.


    + With the recent launch of Danny Silk's subscription-based product, Culture & Conversations, we've seen another iteration his online school, The Life Academy.(Now, 6 eCourses & a Subscription)


    See all of our previous and current projects here !

  • We'd love to connect...

    We'd love to see if a partnership is the right fit or answer any questions you may have.

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